Invitational class

This class is for really advanced swing dancers who want to dive deeper into technical details of dancing. Technical focuses will be rhythm and rhythmization, advanced lead&follow and advanced footwork. If you see yourself as a "pure" Boogie or Lindy dancer, you are out of place in this class. The class is also open for experienced trainers who are looking for new teaching material for advanced classes.

In the first advanced class of the camp, there will be an audition by our camp trainers, who will then confirm or revoke your membership in the invitational class. Of course, the other classes will still be open for the dancers, unless they are completely overbooked.

Please note that the class will take place at another location in Landsberg and that a car is required. Of course we help with "networking" and carpooling.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You can register for this course by selecting "Boogie Woogie Advanced" with a note in the comment field "Invitational". Register now.

Any questions? Send us an email.